February 28 astrology eclipse

That said, with Mercury retrograde in Scorpio until November 20, it could still be an emotional time. Scorpio is the sign associated with death and rebirth.

What The New Moon In Capricorn And Solar Eclipse Means For Your Zodiac Sign

Its influence is deep. It wants to reach the heart of the matter and not skim the surface. Mercury retrograde is a deep time, anyway.

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It pulls us inward and asks us to look at what we otherwise might not see about ourselves, others, and the world. For example, you might recall memories you have blocked out or intuitive hits you might've ignored. Now, you can't hide from the truth, and the truth will set you free. Mercury retrograde in Scorpio magnifies the influence of both the sign and the planetary motion.

Now, when we talk about emotions, we're talking about the spectrum— joy, love, peace, anger, sadness, depression, relief, excitement, enthusiasm, overwhelm, delight, and so on. Trust me; there are waves of amazing feelings rising from your heart this month as well as some of the more unpleasant ones.

When those emotions arise, welcome them all. You will have chances to power through whatever comes up on November 9, when a Mercury-Pluto sextile helps you identify how to make positive changes for positive growth.



The big news of is the Saturn-Pluto conjunction coming in January. There is a gathering of planets and asteroids in the sign of Capricorn, and they signify changes, societally and personally. As these two planets move closer to one another, you might start to feel the ripple effect of that energy in your life. It could be a tense day for relationships. Be patient with yourself and others. This is not the best time to launch a business or endeavor Mercury retrograde It is a favorable time to clear your schedule and create space in your life for something new.

This is a time for connecting with others in deep ways. Let your guard down, and see what happens when you eliminate fear from communication. Self-care is super important during this Full Moon!! On October 31, Mercury comes to a standstill and begins to give us the impression it's moving backward.

It's also Halloween, the day when the veil between the worlds is thin, and we can access the other side. Mercury stations retrograde on Halloween in the sign of Scorpio, a sign associated with divination, occult matters, and death and rebirth. It's no accident, Mercury, which rules our thoughts and thinking patterns, stations retrograde in Scorpio on a day that highlights Scorpio's themes. It indicates what we will consider and think about during this retrograde cycle. I see this as elegant synchronicity.

Solar and Lunar Eclipses in Astrology: Cosmic Change Agents

Mercury retrograde is often a time when you turn inward in reflection. You can excavate magic when you shine a light on the dark spaces inside. It seems appropriate for this period to start on a day that links you to the hidden and unseen-- a day that honors and celebrates the mystery of interdimensional communication. It's a day when we honor our ancestors. It suggests this Mercury retrograde isn't only about self-reflection; it's also a time for collective reflection, with the participation of our spirit guides, helpers, and ancestors.

We can look at the past and thank our ancestors for how they've shaped our world. Also, we can review our history and hold our ancestors accountable for participating in institutional oppression. In doing so, we can rethink some of those foundational ideas, beliefs, and principles. Of course, as with any Mercury retrograde cycle, all things Mercury will be up for you to rethink and refine. This means communication, your internal dialogue, organization, life's details, mindset, and transportation— how you get from point A to B. Back up your computer and phone, watch yourself driving, and read between the lines, seeing the subtext in conversations with others.

Solar Eclipse in Pisces Uncut Astrology Weekly Horoscope: February 22-28 2017 All Signs

Because these are heated times, you want to be patient with others and lead with compassion. If you intuitively feel something is off, wait for more information before rushing to conclusions or making up a story. Scorpio is a sign of depth, and the Moon represents our emotional landscapes. What will you find in those hidden spaces? Bring it all up into the light. Look, unpack, and explore aspects of yourself that have been quiet for some time. Speak the words as intentions. Acceptance is key. Even desires from the ego can have a purpose in helping your soul feel fulfilled.

This New Moon is intense! The opposition with Uranus makes you feel feisty, maybe even ready for a fight. Slow your roll and relax. All this intensity will settle down. Look for healthy outlets for any stress. And try to have fun!! Over the past several months, a number of you have reached out to me for sessions because you have discovered or uncovered some big, life-changing truth.

The diagnosis of an illness, an incredible opportunity, a revealed secret, or a truth about who you are and how you need to show up differently in the world. These are times of discovery, and this month is no exception. Dig deep into your psyche, feel the resonance of truth in your heart, and you will be free. It also gives you an opportunity to come out of hiding in some way in your life. On October 3, Mercury enters Scorpio and assists with this effort. It will start to slow down and enter its shadow phase on October 15 and then station retrograde on October This Mercury retrograde period could reveal more truth.

Feel all the feelings, and know that any struggle will pass. Know, too, that any elation will also pass. This retrograde cycle could present you with key life decisions. Do you stay or go? Those kinds of decisions. Clarify your intentions and clear distractions. Until then, buckle up! Mark your calendar for this one, as it will tug your heartstrings and could lead to lasting changes in your love life. The Moon in Aries opposes the Sun in Libra.

This axis line is about self and others. The T-square with Pluto punctuates these themes. If you are an Aries, Libra, Cancer, or Capricorn, this will likely affect you more strongly than other signs. On October 20 and 21, Venus applies aspects to Saturn and Neptune , helping restore balance to relationships and helping clear any anxiety you may have felt throughout the month in general.

On October 23, the Sun enters Scorpio, and the New Moon on October 27 clears a canvas for you to tap into your creativity. What would you like to make happen in your life next year? Imagine the possibilities. Moments of turbulence throughout the month may feel like tremors in your life.

Establish new grounding and center yourself. Try to focus on the present moment, rather than worry about the future or revisit the past. Understand you may not be able to change the circumstances of your life, but you can change your responses to them. Above all, stay positive!

Eclipse Astrology Special

Miracles can and do occur. Just look at where you are right now! These are miraculous times, and often chaos precedes the creation of something magnificent. The September 13 Full Moon happens in the water sign, Pisces. The Full Moon happening closest to the Equinox is called the Harvest Moon because this is traditionally a time of abundance when the summer crops bear fruit, and we reap the harvest.

As you think about the Harvest Moon, think about this for your life, too. This is the last quarter of the year when we have the last chance to fulfill the goals and intentions we set in January. Pisces is the sign of spiritual insights, intuition, and supernatural phenomenon.

ARIES (March 21 - April 19)

The Moon in Pisces is counterbalanced by the Sun and most personal planets in earth sign, Virgo, the sign of details, discernment, and order. This combination could mean finding a balance between the spiritual and practical. In your everyday life, you could have profound insights and realizations.