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For a lighter touch, let him wear something that represents some of his toys, such as a truck or car. Your child will love T-shirts that feature his favorite movies and cartoons. Friendships are born when two boys learn they have a mutual love of Star Wars or discover they have the same favorite Pokemon character, all thanks to these graphic tees. Graphic shirt options are numerous and include characters from Disney and Nickelodeon to suit a variety of tastes.

Graphic T-shirts with comic book heroes let your kid tell the world which superhero he wants to be when he grows up. You can find shirts with characters from both the Marvel and DC universes, making it easy to find the right theme for your child. Skip to main content. Boys' Tee Shirts.

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Minecraft Boys' T-Shirt. Friends Boys T-Shirt. Rusty Rivets Boys T-Shirt. Nerf Boys' T-Shirt. Pj Masks Boys T-Shirt. Pj Masks 3 Pack Boys Tees. We from Shirtinator are just as enthusiastic about t-shirt printing as you are and want you to have as much fun as possible when creating your own T-shirt. Try us and see for yourself what's so special about Shirtinator.

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We want to make T-shirt printing as quick and easy as possible for you. That's why we attach special importance to the following:. Benefit from our t-shirt printing expertise. All you have to do is design your own T-shirt and we'll take care of all the rest. We handle the following tasks for you:. By the way In our clothing range, you'll find a number of product options to choose from.

In addition to T-shirts , we also have hoodies , polo shirts , long sleeve T-shirts , jackets , custom printed sportswear and underwear for both men and women. For kids, we offer special children's sizes and not just smaller versions of our adult sizes: T-shirts , hoodies , polo shirts , sportswear , baby clothes and baby accessories.

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You can't go wrong with a T-Shirt, polo shirt or printed mug sporting the logo or slogan of your team or company. These products are always a winner! Bring out the hero in you and prints special T-shirts for holidays and special occasions like Mother's Day, Father's Day, Valentine's Day and Halloween. Print gifts such as birthday presents, gifts to mark a birth or Christmas presents. Ever thought about going out wearing matching outfits? Let your creativity run wild with Shirtinator. Get team shirts for your entire team or group of friends. Celebrating with others is twice the fun and school-leaving T-shirts, hen party and stag party T-shirts, football jerseys, BBQ aprons, party holiday T-shirts or your very own Oktoberfest T-shirts add that special touch to the cheerful hustle and bustle.

Designing your personalised T-shirt is fun and easy! We've compiled a useful selection of links for you to make navigating our website nice and easy. Shirtinator offers more than just custom printed T-shirts.


The links below will take you straight to our Creator tools for designing your own personalised products:. Our customers are very creative and like to use their own photos on their printed T-shirts. For those who need a bit more inspiration, we provide T-shirt designs to pick from.

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Who doesn't like a cheeky T-shirt slogan? Check them out to see if you can find a suitable slogan for your activity or get some inspiration for your own slogan. We also offer a number of graphic fonts which allow you to create your own fun and eye-catching T-shirt slogans. Since our humble beginnings, our T-shirt shop has turned into a leading provider of print products in Germany and Europe. We've been printing T-shirts with enthusiasm and joy since and want to continue to improve our product and service range for you.

Oh, and before we forget A safe and secure shopping experience is very important to us and Shirtinator has been reviewed and found secure by independent providers Trusted Shops and Comodo. So what are you waiting for? Both of these players were just called up to the big league team while it was on the road and the only uniform available had no number.

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On September 27, , Detroit Tigers center fielder Gabe Kapler took the field donning a numberless uniform. That day, the Tigers played their last game at historic Tiger Stadium and, in honor of great Tigers of the past, members of the starting lineup wore the uniform numbers of corresponding members of an All-Time Detroit Tigers team voted on by the fans. Since Kapler played center field, he was to wear Ty Cobb 's uniform number, but since Cobb played before numbers were used, Kapler's back was blank.

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On August 21, , the Red Sox played their first home game since the passing of Johnny Pesky , and all players wore his retired number 6 jersey during the game. August 21, On July 12, , the Angels played their first home game since the passing of Tyler Skaggs , and all players wore his number 45 jersey during the game. After the game, the players removed their Skaggs jerseys and laid them around the mound to honor his memory. The original baseball numbers were based on the lineup. The starting players would be numbered , based on their spot in the order. The backup catcher would be number 9, and the pitchers would wear but not 13, as that is superstitious.

Several teams experimented with numbering-by-position during the s. In , the Cincinnati Reds , under general manager Warren Giles , introduced what would be the longest-lasting convention , in which pitchers wore numbers between 30 and 49; outfielders between 20 and 29; infielders between 10 and 19; and catchers, coaches and managers in the single digits. An exception occurred in the early s, when the Reds' coaches and managers were assigned numbers in the fifties.

The New York Giants adopted this system in , and when Giles became chief executive of the National League in , many other NL clubs began to follow suit. Two American League teams, the first edition of the expansion Los Angeles Angels and the Cleveland Indians beginning in , also adopted the numbering scheme. In his memoir, Ball Four , pitcher Jim Bouton tells how he asked his new NL team, the Houston Astros , for his traditional number 56, but was assigned 44 instead because of the numbering custom.

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Bouton wrote: "I asked if there was any chance I could get I said I was sure they wouldn't want to be bothered with something so small, and he said, 'Oh, you'd be surprised. However, the number-by-position convention was never a formal rule, and a few National League clubs — notably the Los Angeles Dodgers — resisted the idea. The custom was slowly abandoned during the s and s. In fact, in , the Astros assigned Bouton his traditional number Today teams do not assign numbers based on any system; personal preference combined with retired numbers has made it impossible.

However, a few trends do present themselves quite clearly: [12] Infielders, especially shortstops and second basemen, tend to be the players who would wear single digit numbers. Single digit numbers, however, are not rare for outfielders or catchers. A story by ESPN. Number choices are increasingly becoming a form of self-expression.