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Alas, quality attention is in short supply, which is one reason why therapists get paid. The good news is that there are still people who are willing to trade.

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You listen to them, they listen to you, and everyone will be on the same page during this critical Mercury crossing. Is your opinion causing controversy? You could be utterly wrong — or utterly right.

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Either way, the winning move is to take a breath and hear the others out. All benefit from the civil airing of ideas. You find inspiration everywhere you go — in the grasses underfoot, the clouds overhead, the hand of the person next to you. Scenery feeds your imagination, love even more so. The dance of love is a push, pull affair. The tango is on.

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The trickiest part is keeping the distance between you at the optimum ratio to create strong tension and still maintain freedom of motion. Your approval rating is going up. That job falls squarely to you. LEO July Aug.

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  • You know who exactly who you are, and furthermore you reserve the right to change your mind or even your personality, at any time because who you are goes much deeper than those things. When your brain is firing on all cylinders, you feel brightly alive.

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    And when your brain is a din of unhelpful chatter, you feel far less so. Rigorous exercise will work wonders to reset your mental energy.

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    • You're responding to a subtle but very real change in your environment. Pisces Feb. Follow the instructions as best you can.

      They will save you time and money. Horoscope gazettes.

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      Books By Holiday Mathis Only 1 left in stock - order soon. So, onto the birthday horoscopes for June 25, If June 25 is your birthday, edition. Horoscope: June 1, - inquirer. A streak of domesticity runs through your day, and it could come out in a variety of ways.


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